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Three of the Best Email Subject Lines and Openers

Sending business emails is a bit like trying to sell candy floss outside a rugby final match. The hordes streaming past us have one thing in mind and that is to find a decent seat. We need a way to get them to shift their attention to us — but how?

Sending out business emails presents similar challenges. Our recipients may have agreed to us staying in touch because, at the time, our freebie was irresistible. However, even if they recognise us, they are often preoccupied with something else. “Oh no, not these guys again,” they groan, as they hurriedly scroll past.

A business email needs these two components to engage a reader:

  • An eye-popping subject line that will intrigue the recipient.
  • A greeting and a statement the reader can relate to.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite email subject lines and openers.

Three of the Best Eye-Popping Subject Lines

Here is an intriguing suggestion to consider from HubSpot. They found seven themes for successful subject lines: urgency, curiosity, offers, personalisation, relevance/timeliness, name-dropping and cool stories.

Eater Boston is a foodie news and dining guide. If you love beer, how could you possibly resist “Where to Drink Beer Right Now” — especially if it dropped into your inbox at 7 pm on a Wednesday evening?

CopyHackers provides advice on conversational writing. This one hooked me right away: “Everything you wanted to know about email copy but were too afraid to ask.” Corny as hell, but it punched my curiosity button.

Manicube provides a manicure service at the office for women who struggle to schedule an appointment around work. I just loved one of its subject lines, which simply said: “Don’t Open This Email”. This one is cool — just make sure the content justifies the bravado.

Three of My Favourite Opening Sentences

Here are my three favourite email opener suggestions from the insiders at HubSpot.

“Is <insert cause> a priority for you right now?” This will pique the interest of anyone who holds charitable, human rights or conservation efforts close to their heart, for example.

“How can I make your life easier?” Most, if not all of us, would like life to be a little easier. This opening line presents the prospect of a magic potion around the corner – making it harder to resist.

Finally, “I loved your post/tweet/blog on <insert social media platform>”. A very personal and flattering way of grabbing attention with an email by personalising it to the addressee.

The Secret Is the Power of Personalisation

Did you notice that none of these subject lines and openers are suitable for mass mailing?

Arrange your mailing list into as many categories as you need to effectively tailor your contact with your leads and give yourself greater chances of success. Personally, I don’t think anything will ever beat a personal, tailored business email — one we’ve crafted especially for a juicy target we are longing to convert.

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