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3 Reasons Experience Maps Are Not Just for Marketers


1. Everyone is Involved in the Experience Map

The great thing about experience mapping is that it brings stakeholders and consumers together. This allows for a more in-depth experience map by incorporating a variety of different perspectives.

When these groups come together to map the customer journey, the results educate the business. Marketers and salespeople understand everything a customer has gone through to arrive at each stage, so customers can be empathised with. The process can also be altered to create a better experience for those on the journey to becoming a customer.

2. Seeing Through the Customer’s Eyes

Everyone in a business will have different beliefs about how and why sales are made. Marketers will say it’s their marketing, strategists will say it’s their strategies. The truth is, it’s a combination of everyone’s efforts.

An experience map is a view of the customer journey through their eyes. This gives everyone in the business the same perspective and gets them onto the same page. With this information, employees of the company will get a clear image of exactly what they contribute and how they can improve.

This is not just a task for marketers. It is a part of almost everyone’s job — that is, to bring people to the business. The experience map ensures your customers have a great time in the process.

3. Mapping the Future

Experience mapping is something you have to do more than once. Every time you create a new experience map, the entire business learns valuable lessons regarding the customer journey.


Most importantly, each department learns more about their role within that journey and can further improve upon it. Having everyone involved in the experience map means that it is on their minds during any projects they work on.

It is important to not only map what has happened but also what will happen.

That way, everyone understands what the experience is like now and what it will be like in the future so that they can aim towards achieving the same quality experience as the rest of the business.

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