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Why is LinkedIn Necessary in the Cycle of Marketing?

  • Only 1% of cold calls get converted into sales — let’s face it, nobody likes cold calls!
  • Closing a deal is five times faster if a buyer has a connection with a seller. The more connections you have, the better your chances.
  • 75% of consumers or decision-makers are most likely to buy from a known entity — someone they have been referred to.
  • 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from those who add value. Displaying relevant expertise will win trust and respect.
  • There are 250 million active monthly users on LinkedIn.

If you are dead serious about building a brand awareness for your business, you need to become more active on social media. Not only is it cheaper than traditional advertising, such as on TV or in print, it’s also the fastest way to reach consumers around the world.

You need to follow a system to ensure your LinkedIn profile works for you. It’s easy to remember: EN-GA-GE — “ENGAGE”.

“EN” stands for “Enable”. Attract the right people. Understand and display who you are and what value you can provide for others.

“GA” stands for “Gather”. Get out there and build relationships — create as many connections as you can.

“GE” stands for “Generate”. That is, more specifically, generating revenue from the connections that you have made.

I remember once, I got a message from a perfect stranger. They had no profile picture and their name was written backwards. Naturally, I blocked them immediately. Not the best LinkedIn lead generation technique!

Not enabling people to know you and hiding your identity is the fastest route to rejection. Be transparent. Flaunt your profile. Make it attractive and engaging.

A Series of Ifs

If your LinkedIn profile looks professional, you’ll be able to attract people who really mean business.

Have a professional photo taken. Don’t just crop out an old picture with an ugly background. You don’t want a brand image that screams “scammer” or “serial killer”. You may also want to avoid a full-body picture. There isn’t a lot of space for your face in that tiny circle without trying to fit your entire body in too. You don’t want to show too much skin either — unless you’re selling something… else.

If your LinkedIn headline speaks directly to your viewers, you’ll be able to gather connections much easier.

It’s just like applying for a job — your cover letter needs to be good enough to get you through the door and in front of a hiring manager. Give your profile a killer headline and describe your expertise but make sure to double-check for typos and poor grammar. The majority of LinkedIn users are using the “universal language” of English. Don’t give potential viewers a reason to call your communication skills into question.

If your LinkedIn profile sells itself, you’ll be able to generate revenue without having to waste valuable oxygen cold calling.

There are ways of selling to people without being annoying. Be active on your profile. “Like” other people’s posts. Engage in groups. Share an article or video that will add value for your clients and viewers — and express your personality! It’s easy to check who has viewed your profile and articles; it’s simpler than ever to connect with these people and convert them to your cause. After all, they came to you in the first place!

If you use your LinkedIn profile the wrong way — e.g., you try to cut corners and overlook vital steps — then you probably won’t get the results you want.

Fast-tracking can work but it can also be a bumpy ride. Taking your time to ensure you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all your Is can smooth the road. I was guilty of trying to get ahead too fast and my experience almost caused me to give up… until I learned how to make the system work for me.

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