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Opt-In Social Media

“You can’t really opt into something you don’t believe in.”
– Ted Dwane, British musician and photographer.

Our social media pages are no doubt buzzing with new friends who are really enjoying the varied posts we put out. We are the life and soul of the party! The difficulty is that our new friends are on social media for entertainment as well as information.

We need to turn social media friends into active leads without driving them away. How can we get them to convert willingly?

While we can network on a casual basis at a bazaar or fete, we really need to take a lead to one side if we want to sell to them. We have to contend with similar distractions on social media. In that case, a one-on-one conversation takes place in the emails we send to them and the blog posts we link them to.

Just a note: we can’t just send a ton of marketing emails to everybody in Australia — irritating people is not a clever prelude to selling. Moreover, we will pay a hefty fine if we’re caught out and could even go to jail for infringing privacy regulations. However, we can legally send commercial messages to people once we have their permission.

Buy Permission by Giving Away Free Gifts

We must offer something irresistible to our friends on social media. This is usually a digital product, in order to contain costs.

Our friends click on a link to receive their gift but they also have to tick a box saying they are willing to receive one or more of our commercial messages in exchange.

Services like Mail Chimp provide customisable forms that we can personalise with different fonts, images and colour schemes. However, our leads will simply opt out if what we’re offering them isn’t valuable.

The First Touch Is the Most Important

We are, after all, proposing a relationship. What do you think would work best in your business to get your audience on side — perhaps an email or a white paper on a major topic?

Let’s think of this another way. What would your most loyal customers expect from you, in terms of useful information? Offer this to your social media friends in exchange for opting into commercial messages. Give away something valuable if you want them to return.

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