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Facebook Lead Generation


Russian intervention in the American presidential election caused Facebook users to start thinking twice about “friending” strangers. However, social media’s two-billion users are unlikely to drop one of their favourite pastimes because of that.


In this article, we’ll explore ways of finding like-minded people on Facebook, spending only time, rather than cash. The same method works equally well on other platforms.


For now, we’ll only talk about the free use of social media for business advertising. Even without investing money into paid ads on social media, social networking is a powerful marketing tool when used properly.


“While consumer social platforms like Facebook and Twitter get the headlines, perhaps the greatest untapped potential for social networking lies in business applications.” — Ryan Holmes

Three Steps to Finding Leads on Facebook



I am grateful to Mitch Meyerson for providing these ideas. When you have a moment, take a look at this book he wrote that could broaden your vision of internet marketing even further.

Create a Facebook Page


Facebook wants its users to have separate private and business identities so the first thing we need is a Facebook business page. We optimise this by making it pleasant and informative so that people will want to follow and revisit. A cover photo with a sticky tagline can be worth more than several thousand words.


For example, a builder could share moments from their family life, with a project as a backdrop. They could use the tagline “happy homes make happy families” to reinforce the fact they are community-minded.


They should also use relevant keywords in their About section and a few positive reviews could complete the brand they are building.

Decide On a Content Strategy


Content is the stuff we write to engage strangers and turn conversations into friends. John was surprised when I suggested he write his own posts. Then he saw the benefits of drip-feeding his audience using his own personal style. He and his business have a consistent voice, and that is one of the attributes consumers like most.


A broad content strategy, depending on your business type, may be a blend of business news, tips, photos, links and humour. Images and amusing posts are far more likely to accumulate comments, likes and shares.


I recommend posting twice a day to stay visible on people’s’ pages. I have a weekly calendar where I rotate between different types of posts. I jot my ideas down as they come to me. Most days, I am ready to start posting right away.


A broad content strategy is a blend of business news, tips, photos, links and humour. People like to share fun things.

Interact with Similar, Like-Minded Pages


Once we have a solid and credible Facebook presence, we can start reaching out to others like us. We can benefit by making friendly, intelligent, and valuable comments on related business pages. In time, people will want to know more about us and befriend us. They are also more likely to be interested in our goods and services too.


Forgive me for romping through two years at a fast canter. Two years? Yes, you heard me correctly. Social media is a gradual process that requires hard work.


The rewards are there for marketers with long legs. Moreover, there is no pain, provided we make it fun. Also, we meet some wonderful people that we would probably otherwise never have known.


“Facebook was not originally created to be a company. It was built to accomplish a social mission — to make the world more open and connected.”

Mark Zuckerberg

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