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3 Key Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

1. Market Your Value

The only reason a customer pays for anything is because it offers them value. It is crucial for you to market the value of the products and services you offer.

Imagine if Steve Jobs had launched the iPhone by saying, “Look — a phone with no buttons!”

No one would have bought it. Instead, he informed everyone of the value it could offer them. “This is a phone and an iPod, all in one device.”

No matter how obvious the value is to you as the seller, it might not be to your customers. Also, think about how you are delivering the information to them. Corporate clients might want information in video format, while older people will probably prefer to receive details in the mail. If the only way for an 80-year-old to find out about your dentures is to download an app, most of your target market will never hear about them.

2. Inform Your Customers

People usually have a lot of questions when spending their money, to ensure they get exactly what they want. You should aim to answer any questions consumers might have — before they ask.

This will make the buying process that much easier for your customers. There is no need to limit information to the product or service itself. Other information can include:

  • Price
  • Stock levels
  • Delivery times
  • Frequently asked questions

Customers feel valued when they are properly informed at every stage of the process. This includes email updates for any changes that might occur with any of the information mentioned above. Keep it relevant to the customer in question to avoid your contact being misinterpreted as spam.

3. Tailor Your Service

Consumers who are at different points within the sales and marketing funnel require different kinds of attention. The way you engage with a first-time visitor shouldn’t be the same as it is with a return customer.

Customers enjoy an experience that is more personalised. You can achieve this by having different approaches for prospects at different stages of the funnel as well as promoting human interaction, making the effort to communicate diligently with customers.

Throughout the process, you are trying to make a positive impression on your customers. You want to build a relationship with each lead. Doing this is how you will bring more people to the final stage and make a sale, increasing your conversion rate.

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