In today’s internet-centric world, online marketing has become an important factor in determining the success of any business venture. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of directing quality traffic to websites by increasing rankings in organic search results. With the blooming of social media over the past decade, companies are wondering how to integrate social media into their SEO strategy.

How SEO content and social media work together to promote digital marketing:

Generating Links

When you share high-quality content about your products, services or your business in general, it naturally attracts attention. This increases the probability of people linking to your content organically. Helpful, relevant content in social media will always generate natural links. It will further encourage external sites to link to your content and share it, thereby boosting your search rankings.

User Intent Research Tool

Using keywords in your SEO strategy without knowing the actual thoughts and needs of your potential customers may turn out futile. Social media acts as a great research tool, enabling you to get insight into people’s thoughts on your industry, brand, service or product. Social media is structured around people and their opinions, making it a great way to research your target market’s preferences, dislikes, grievances, misconceptions and much more.

Network Opportunities:

Like-minded people and business leaders present in social media may appreciate your content and promote it in their own social channels. This is essentially a free marketing tool which aids in amplifying the value of your brand. Having good relationships with such people can pave the way for guest blogging opportunities which will further help in link-building.

Directs Traffic for SEO

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can help you receive much-needed exposure for your product and services. Because of the popularity of social media, your presence on one or more platforms will enhance your branding and encourage people to search for more information, driving more traffic to your website and in turn improving your rankings as Google’s algorithm deems you more relevant to audiences.

Acts as Search Engine

It has been observed that people have started using social media search functions as search engines. Certain people may be more likely to check out your company on Facebook and Twitter rather than searching on conventional search engines such as Google or Bing. Search engine results pages now include results and searches from certain social media platforms.

It’s imperative for the success of your business to have social media channels that are easily distinguishable and identifiable. Social media has the power to propel a business to new heights in a short span of time, with minimal investment. User-oriented content can help your business gain exposure in this vast world of information. Though presence on various platforms does not guarantee good results in organic search rankings, the effectiveness of the medium cannot be ignored while working out SEO strategies.

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