SEO analysis plays a key role in determining where your website will rank on search engine results pages. There are a number of parameters that, when closely considered, can immensely help your website ranking.

Time on Page:

This is the average amount of time a user spends on your page before performing any other action or leaving the site. This gives you an insight into your content – if it’s relevant and engaging, then your ‘time on page’ statistics will be higher.

Bounce Rate:

A ‘bounce’ occurs when a user finds and enters your website, but fails to do anything on the page (such as clicking through to another page). A high bounce rate indicates that something about your site doesn’t engage the user – the content may be irrelevant to their search, for example. Another reason your bounce rate may be high is that your website may be difficult to navigate or visually unappealing. Ideally, you want to keep the bounce rate as low as possible, particularly as Google favours pages with a low bounce rate.


Keywords play an essential role in getting people to your website. A keyword is what a user will search in a search engine. The use of the right keyword on your website will increase the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. Keywords should be chosen using analysis tools that determine variables such as competitiveness and search volume.

Backlinks and Referring Links:

Along with useful and applicable content material, backlinks are a major aspect in search engine optimisation. When creating backlinks, keep in mind the relevance of the websites linking to your topics. If your referring domains are irrelevant or deemed as spam by Google, you may be penalised and appear less in results pages.

Pages Per Session:

Pages per session is also one of the most critical consumer engagement metrics. Higher numbers for this metric is better, as it is telling you how many individual pages are being viewed by users on your website. ‘Pages Per Session’ is a useful way to determine how effective your navigation and funnel is, and how engaging your content material is. If your pages per session count is low, it commonly suggests that your content isn’t helpful or relevant enough for people on your site to want to read more.

These are a few important metrics you should keep in mind when analysing your SEO campaign. Keep these metrics in mind to maximise your rankings in 2017.

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