LinkedIn Marketing Game Plan

I want to start this course off by asking you a few easy questions. First off, do you have a LinkedIn profile? And, do you have connections on that profile? I’m sure most of the readers here have answered yes to these two questions. Now answer this question honestly to yourself. Do you use your LinkedIn to benefit your business? By this I mean, do you make others aware of your company and what you do. As well as generate leads through this powerful platform?

If you answered, no or yes but I could do more, to that final question, then this course is for you.


You are going to learn how to transform your business today.

To do this, we have built a step-by-step easy to remember system for your LinkedIn strategy. It’s our name! Engage. You will waste your efforts on social media if you can’t engage with others. Engagement is when people make an action toward your content.

In this course, “” will stand for

  1. Enable: To enable the right people to find you and understand how you bring value.
  2. Gather: To accumulate associations and relationships by both incoming and outgoing connections
  3. Generate: Generate revenue by cultivating your opportunities with the right people.

How Does This System Help You?

A system always has to go hand-in-hand with a game plan. There are five questions that you need to ask yourself — these questions will frame your plan. Here are the questions and my own personal answers, to give you some context.

What does my business do? Social media marketing, marketing consultation, SEO and website development.

Who is my target market? Small-to-medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, business owners, decision-makers and managing directors.

How can I help my clients? By providing them valuable insights that will increase their effectiveness in business and increase their revenue.

How can people contact me? Via my e-mail, phone, website or social media accounts.

How do I want others to view me? As someone knowledgeable and insightful.

Your Answers

Keep in mind that all your answers should be visible somewhere on your LinkedIn profile. Any answers to question 1 should be reflected in your description. That description should speak to those named in your answer to question 2.

Your answers to question 3 essentially detail your experience and expertise — two things that absolutely must feature on your profile. Your answers to question 4 should be visible in your contact info section, so your viewers know where they can reach you.

And of course, your answer to question 5 should be the focus of your killer headline, which will most likely be the first element of your profile that viewers will see.


You need to be consistent, posting great articles, thoughts and videos. You should also share those you have found on other people’s profiles that reflect your interests and persona. When you’re on LinkedIn, keep in mind those 5 factors above in order to play toward your objectives.

Now You Know What To Do, Here Is What Not To Do

1. Low Quality or No Profile Image and Headline

Make sure that these crucial fields are complete. Keep in mind that you want to earn trust, be genuine and original. Your image and headline are your first impression. If you can show how you provide value, you are more likely to capture people’s interest. So, put up a profile picture that displays neat attire and a smile. Make your first impression count with a headline that draws attention.

2. Typos and Lapses in Grammar.

As LinkedIn is a mainstream social media platform, competition is rife. Viewers may see typos as a reflection on your education or your attention to detail. In any professional conversation, communication skills are a fundamental. So take the time to re-read and check your spelling and grammar – don’t leave it to chance. There are free tools available to help you, such as, but don’t rely only on tools to do the work for you.

3. Setting Your Profile to Private.

Your profile needs to be viewable by the public if you’re going to market yourself on LinkedIn. How would people search for you and your business if viewers are unable to view your profile? To set your profile to public, along the menu bar at the top of your screen, click your profile picture labeled ‘Me’. Select ‘Settings & Privacy’ under ‘ACCOUNT’, and a new window will open. In this window, click the title ‘Privacy’. There, you will find several options to sort through to manage how you are seen on LinkedIn.

4. Not Engaging Enough with Others.

A lot of people create their LinkedIn profile then don’t bring anything to the table. No posts, no sharing of relevant articles, no commenting or liking of other people’s posts. To receive, one needs first to give – and an inactive profile is the furthest thing from a lead magnet. People would question if you’re even active. Make your presence known with positive and insightful contributions to others.

5. Not Having a System.

Like any other marketing strategy, there should be an efficient plan and system in place. Do not send cold messages and expect people to trust you with their money. So create a system for yourself. This means thinking out what will come up when marketing on LinkedIn, and choosing how you will react. Then, execute!

6. Not Paying Attention to Messages.

If you’ve used LinkedIn’s direct messaging system, you’ll know that it’s a flawed system (at least right now). It’s easy to forget about messages, and easy for messages to get buried in your inbox. If you have contact with someone you see potential with, respond and follow up within 24 hours – always! The spark of interest may only be there for a short period of time.

Final Tips

Make sure you check your profile often, and delete or archive old messages to keep your inbox clear. This way, you don’t miss any chances.

With social media and online marketing, building your business is easier than ever. But if you don’t approach it the right way you might squander your chances. So pay close attention and think about your strategy on LinkedIn. The next person you add on LinkedIn may be your next customer, if you tickle them the right way.

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