With rapid advancements in technology, our modes of conducting business has also changed drastically. Nowadays, almost all businesses promote their product and services on the internet in order to increase their reach. Digital marketing is the term given to advertisement of products, services and brands on the internet. Here are some points you must be aware of about digital marketing to help you maximise your return on such an investment.

Websites must be Mobile-Friendly

Smartphones are the real deal nowadays as mobile can be accessed almost 24/7 unlike desktops and laptops. According to ZenithOptimedia, around 71% of internet consumption is from mobile devices. That said, your website and social media advertisements must be responsive for mobile devices; images, web page designs and infographics should also be optimised for mobile to ensure your customers do not get frustrated and leave your site.

Online Video

Faster internet and cheaper data have made watching videos an easier task, in fact a part of most people’s daily internet routine. Companies have noticed this trend and according to a 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 6 out of 10 marketers use online video to promote their business. Videos help customers get a visual representation of what they will be receiving. Most businesses use this tool to show how to use their products or help customers solve common problems regarding their products. Free platforms like YouTube and Facebook will help engage your target audience and gain a wider customer base.

Looking After Your Brand

Your company must manage the brand in a holistic way, this includes looking into topics like reputation and crisis management. Your business must have a plan for all sorts of outcomes beforehand and your staff must be well trained. Negative feedback spreads like wildfire on the internet. Your brand and your company’s reputation can get tarnished very easily if not managed correctly.

Marketing via Email

Marketing through email gives a personal touch to your business. It helps consumers get in touch with you easily and discuss your products and services. Businesses use email marketing to promote their brand, events and also to provide solutions to the queries of the customers. According to Kahuna, 86% of emails are now accessed via smartphones, so keep in mind not to think only of desktop users when creating a promotional email or newsletter.

With only 48% of professional marketers claiming to be proficient in digital marketing, it is becoming very important to spread awareness. The many benefits of digital marketing have made more and more businesses invest in it. Studies show 77% of businesses plan to invest in digital marketing and hire especially skilled digital marketers. If you are interested in bringing your business’s presence up a notch through digital marketing, please contact us.

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