Digital marketing has been important in helping businesses grow in the internet age, and with the rise in tech upgrades, strategies have upgraded to accommodate the growing audience on the internet. As of 2017, here are some fast rising trends as observed by digital marketers.

Machine Learning

Forbes magazine did a study on the benefits of implementing machine learning. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the more popular modules to enhance machine learning and 76% of the businesses say they have been targeting a higher benchmark in sales after implementation. With data analytics becoming an integral part of understanding marketing potential, artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to have a huge role to play in streamlining strategies.

Video content is the Holy Grail

High-speed internet has brought with it a video pandemic. From social media to video distribution websites, about 74% of all time online is spent watching videos. A survey by Digiday shows that at least 85% of the videos made available on Facebook are watched on mute. You should have your marketing strategies focus on unique video content to keep up with the competition.

The power of Mobile

As dependency on the smartphone grows, marketing strategies will soon shift to be focused around apps and mobile data. Surveys on SmartInsights show that 80% of internet users own a smartphone and at least 89% of the mobile activity is spent on apps, while the other 11% is reserved for websites. Even Google has started demolishing website rankings for companies without mobile optimisation.

Social Media Handles

As per the Huffington post, video uploads on Facebook have increased by an overwhelming 75% in 2016. Social media platforms are revolutionising marketing strategies globally and are crucial for helping small businesses find the right audience to grow into a world market. Recent statistics show that at least 80% of the time spent on social media is accessed through a mobile which brings emphasis to apps and mobile optimisation as an important marketing necessity in 2017.

Interactive Emails

With marketing automation on the rise, email marketing has been streamlined with improvements in machine learning to be expected in 2017. Techcrunch reports that Gmail alone has over one billion active users worldwide as of February 2016, and a year later, the numbers are through the roof as almost all Android smartphones are directly linked with a Google account.

Pokémon Go had the hype, but the hype wasn’t real. What it did reveal was that augmented reality, 360 video and picture content are still untapped marketing strategies and we can expect a new kind of content as soon as that tech hits the mainstream. The rapid pace of technological development sees instant as the new speed limit. You can buy instantly, talk instantly, watch instantly, and this dependency creates a whole new sector in marketing. Most small businesses are starting to take advantage of this to grow and get an edge over established companies.



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