Dental Marketing

Is dental marketing about pretty images and salesy one liners? Or do you like results?

Here are the facts:

Smiles Dental tried many self-proclaimed ‘Dental marketing’ Agencies, which boast unique experience with dentists, and like most dentists, Smiles Dental came to realise that these agencies were ‘sheep dressed as Wolves’ selling their marketing to all Dentists without loyalty. And so, the wise director of the clinics made a size decision, ‘let’s hire a wolf that is new to the industry’. And so our client decided to hire us, a wolf that has experience fighting on a $100million stage…so what happened you ask? We ate the competition, shut down 8 clinics and now completely dominate a 10 km radius. With phone calls, treatment numbers, patient volume and revenue matching the success of our campaigns…sometimes you need a wolf to kill the sheep.

Dental Marketing  Local Competitors DA PA Traffic Value 36 40 $14,737 23 23 $890 4 6 $29 19 25 $426

Competitors DA PA Value
SDC 36 40 $14,737
EDD 23 23 $890
MFD 4 6 $29
ND 19 25 $426
Dental Marketing  Local Competitors  Keywords Clicks per month 1st Page KWs 779 735 86 533 284 68 29 9 1 214 64 27
Competitors KWs Clicks 1st Page KWs
SDC 779 735 86
EDD 533 284 68
MFD 29 9 1
ND 214 64 27

Why is the such a small gap between the volume of keywords, yet such a massive gap in the value of the traffic? To explain, let me ask you a question, which is more valuable – 1kg of pure gold or 100kg of coal? Like minerals, keywords are of varying value based on their capacity and relevance to an industry. When considering dental marketing, we take into consideration the objective, generating more patients. e.g. Which is better for getting patients? Ranking 3rd for the phrase ‘Dentist near me’ or ranking 1st for ‘Dentist Jobs Australia’. Try not to let agencies trick you into ranking for words that are not going to be searched by your target patients, if you aren’t ranking for the word ‘dentist’ in your own suburb, that’s where you should start.

Our alliance with Engage Online has brought unquestionable growth and fantastic opportunities for our company. Thank you for <your> continued loyalty and outstanding marketing.

Dr Amol Dabholkar BDS

Principal Dentist, Smiles Dental

Dental Marketing Case Study

Business: Smiles Dental Clinics (Dentist)
Smiles Dental Clinics (SDC) is a professional and comprehensive dental care company based in Brisbane, with a strong focus on quality healthcare and customer-friendly service that is uniform across all locations.

Initial Situation:
Smiles Dental Clinics (SDC) was leveraging multiple digital agencies for a broad range of marketing activities, none of whom were offering comprehensive SEO or communicating with SDC in regards to their results. The competing agencies dismissed SDC’s organic rankings and the benefits of SEO, thus leaving SDC ranking on page 1 for only 3 key phrases relating to dentistry.

With their organic online presence being greatly out-shadowed by that of key Brisbane based competitors, SDC was forced to pay larger and larger marketing costs to the 3 separate agencies in order to acquire the volume of new patients required to sustain multiple locations. Subsequently, no individual entity was taking responsibility for declining numbers and poor lead quality. Engage Online was brought it as a referral to assist in turning the company around.

Strategy Overview:
Our primary focus was to increase new patient numbers, with our secondary focus to bring relevant traffic to the website. We began by overhauling the website and creating a long-term dynamic dental marketing campaign. We aggressively increased the reach of the business through Google Maps/business listings, AHPRA-approved reviews and strategic positioning in Brisbane’s affluent regions. To maximise opportunities and create new leads immediately, we created and managed an internal Adwords campaign on behalf of the business, having the business pay Google directly to reduce unnecessary agency-related costs. The core of the strategy was (and remains) for Engage Online to take full responsibility for the majority of marketing efforts in order to drive a controlled result without burdening the operations and health care teams. We also conduct live quarterly meetings with key stakeholders relating to our dental marketing strategies. We act autonomously without regulation and provide clear reports to the directors in the spirit of transparency.

1st Quarter:
• Adwords costs reduced by 29.7% per month
• Organic website traffic increased by 51%
• Irrelevant overseas traffic reduced to 9% of total traffic
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 11 phrases, up from 3
• New patient numbers up by 31%, phone calls up by 47%.

Results after 1 Year:
• Adwords costs reduced by 43.7% per month
• Adwords traffic increased by 111.48% per month
• Organic website traffic increased by 82.09%
• Unique monthly visitors up to 15,848
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 86 phrases, up from 3
• New patient numbers up by 103%, phone calls up by 186%.

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Dental Marketing


Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size.


Page Authority (PA) is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Page Authority scores range from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Page Authority is based on data from our web index and takes into account dozens of factors. Like Domain Authority, it uses a machine learning model to identify the algorithm that best correlates with rankings across the thousands of SERPs that we predict against, then produces Page Authority scores using that specific calculation.

Traffic Cost

Organic traffic value is the equivalent monthly cost of traffic from all keywords that the target website/URL ranks for if paid via PPC instead of ranking organically.

We calculate it based on multiplying the monthly organic traffic of each keyword at the respective ranking position by the CPC value. Then, we add up the organic traffic cost of individual keywords that the target website/URL ranks for.

In essence, the number gives you a sense of how valuable a domain’s keyword profile is. Another way to think of it is how much money the target website/URL has saved in terms ranking for keywords organically, instead of buying paid traffic. This is important in assessing the value of dental marketing.

Organic Keyword

An organic keyword is a keyword used to attract free traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Organic keywords contrast with pay-per-click (PPC) keywords, which are bid on through paid search marketing campaigns. This is the corner stone of good dental marketing.

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