Social media universe can provide great opportunities for small businesses. If you’re a small business owner, you’re possibly strapped: for finances, time, and human resources. You need to close the gap with a game plan; without this, social media marketing may become an exercise in existential crises. If you don’t know where to start, it may help to go through the following points to make sure you know what best practice is for your business on social media.

Social Media for Business Best Practice tips:

A lack of social presence makes customers question your legitimacy.

Rather than questioning whether or not to be present on social media, a business owner should focus on which platform/s to utilise. Being on social media gives viewers added trust for your brand, and if you’re handling it efficiently, you will position your business to be viewed in a very positive light.

Content is key.

When you are new to any media platform, try to collect as much relevant content as possible, whether to schedule it for posting in advance or backdating these new posts to give the illusion of greater consistency and presence. It doesn’t matter if the content isn’t branded; in fact, many users are savvy to sales techniques and simply want to see good content, not attempts at sales.

Know your target audience to find your voice on social.

Your product or service isn’t aimed at everyone – as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. So, keep in mind who you are posting for when collecting content for social media. Gauge their interest by comparing post engagement, and plan future content accordingly. The more people enjoy what you post, the more engagement you will receive, which will increase your chances of greater exposure on the platform.

Don’t be too corporate.

Avoid robotic, corporate text when posting to social media. People use these platforms to relax and socialise, overly-formal language isn’t necessary. Of course, keep it professional at all times – but don’t be boring, have some personality while keeping it engaging and relatable to your audience.

Entertainment-rich content is best.

Content that is entertaining, amusing, or relateable for your customers will no doubt prove more popular than dry promotional posts. Imagine what you would like to see from a brand you’re following on social media. Nobody likes to be sold to, aim primarily to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

A picture says a thousand words.

Social media is image focussed. Creative, interesting, high-resolution images capture the attention of people more effectively than even well-thought-out text. Have a strong amount of images in your content plan to maximise your likes and shares.

Social media is an effective tool to increase brand awareness and expand the reach for your business online. Be savvy, and use best practices in order to maximise your results.

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