About Engage Online

An Engaging Vision

Engage Online’s success is driven by strategy and proven by results.

Our aim is to provide quality beyond the status quo of our industry. Our professional relationships are long-term and mutually beneficial, always. We will only take on clients that we are certain we can generate a return for – so that our service pays for itself.

Our long-term vision is to be among the largest players in the digital marketing space, providing true value to a wide range of people.

Engage Online as Marketers


Those who work with us experience a marketing agency with transparency and integrity. We act as navigators to help your brand through the disorienting digital world.

We’ve gained experience from working with businesses of various sizes and industries. Therefore, we understand the needs of a whole spectrum of entities. We also understand that we’re not a fit for just any business. We work exclusively with businesses we believe in, run by people with integrity.

This is a differentiating factor – we treat others with integrity and respect, and ask the same in return. Our working relationships need to be genuine to truly work.

We’re not only a marketing company. We are a team of savvy, business-minded people who understand the ins and outs of business. We know how essential it is to increase sales and streamline internal processes.

Will yours be the next business we escalate?



Engage Online as Educators

Why does EO provide free educational resources?

We have found that continued education is what separates the good and the great. We aim to find and connect with those pursuing something better.

Additionally, the best way to learn something is to teach it: by educating others we fine-tune our own expertise.

Why take the time to learn from EO’s resources?

Benjamin Franklin said, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’. Need we say more?

Won’t your competitors benefit from your resources?

They may, but we are not fazed in light of the strong belief we have in our company and our values. Besides, we won’t list out the exact recipe to our secret sauce 😉

Engage Online Clients


Below are some of our clients who employ Engage Online for digital marketing and SEO. We are currently working with entities ranging from $1mil – $400mil.



Macquarie University Hospital – Australia’s most technologically advanced healthcare facility. Macquarie’s team identified the need to boost their digital presence, and got us on board to support their internal structures. We were able to DATA

Smiles Dental – We are proud to say Engage Online was instrumental in a successful overhaul of this large dental entity. Previous to meeting us, Smiles Dental had employed three marketing agencies. These were costing 6 digits annually for little to no result. Read how we reduced Smiles’ marketing spend and multiplied their revenue HERE.

Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy. – This established clinic had all the right ingredients to dominate, and simply needed some help with visibility. We’re happy to say we achieved that for them. This continues to be the result for this now-flourishing enterprise.

Melbourne Counselling and psychology – Single location, 10+ therapists/staff clinic in Melbourne

From the Feet Up Podiatry Clinic, VIC
Burpengary Chiropractic Clinic, QLD
Mount Lawley Chiropractic, WA
Hills Spinal Chiropractic, NSW



Wellbeing Services

Dermedica Dermatology, WA
Adorn Laser Clinic, NSW
Avant Garde Hair Salon, NSW


Construction, manufacturing and distribution

 Paradigm Homes – This turn-key home company identified a need for increased competitiveness. Besides our digital work, our consultation has also brought huge value for this client.


Shore Contracting – The largest demolition group between South Sydney, Wollongong, and Campbelltown.

BMI Plant & Haulage Solutions – Large earth moving equipment hire

Thermatruck Pty Ltd. – Large freezer truck manufacturer. They supply trucks for PFD, Steggles and Wesfarmers.

ThermoFreez – An up-and-coming refrigerated truck manufacturer providing genuine Australian products.

The Wine Co – 3rd largest wholesaler of international wines in Australia

Moore Truck Parts – Medium sized truck parts supplier




Professional services and Digital companies

 Edwards Family Lawyers – This firm has been a loyal client for a long time, and for good reason. We have increased their patronage to capacity and have kept it there. Find out the details in our case study.

AeroPets Pty Ltd. – In the competitive animal transport industry, this client needed an advantage. We were able to raise and maintain Aeropets’ presence to make it the 2nd largest company in its space. We are happy to say we play an essential part in their continued success.

Alpha Financial Solutions – Mortgage and financial solutions in the greater Brisbane area

Payreq Canada – SAAS for payroll, paystubs and Canada Post

Payreq Australia – BPAY view partner, integrating Australia’s schools with simple payment solutions

FTP Software Solutions – Software engineers for educational institutions and government organisations

M3 Solutions – Custom Software developer for Australia’s largest organisations

MYBOS  – Software company providing property management solutions

Geo Image Services – Surveying Group working on Tier 1 ($500mil+) civil projects

Web 105 – Large website development company, working with international clients

OPMC NZ PTY LTD – International SAAS developer solutions for Woocommerce and Payment Express.

What We Do:

SEO Marketing


Marketing Education


Up-skilling Teams


Creating Marketing Solutions


Tracking Analytics


Web Development


Email Marketing


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