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  • Proof of Experience – Current Clients
  • Case Study 1 – Corporate
  • Case Study 2 – $10mil SME
  • Case Study 3 – $3mil SME
  • Case Study 4 – Specialist SME
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  • Our team and specialists
  • About Engage Online

Primary Services:

  • SEO – Highly effective Google ranking solutions
  • Website Development – Lead Generation/Sales focused

Secondary Services:

  • Sales training and A/B testing methodology
  • Implementing internal retention/referral structures
  • Adwords, Social Advertising and marketing automation

Proof Of Experience – Our Digital Marketing Clients…

…that primarily use SEO Marketing & Lead Generation from Engage Online in 2018. We are actively working with $1mil – $400mil entities including:


  • Macquarie University – 49,000 active students and 300 teaching staff
  • Macquarie Hospital – Australia’s most technologically advanced healthcare facility (Case study provided)
  • Thermatruck PTY LTD – Large freezer truck manufacturer, supplying trucks for PFD, Steggles and Wesfarmers (Case study provided)
  • AeroPets PTY LTD – Australia’s 2nd largest animal transport company
  • The Wine Co – 3rd largest wholesaler of international wines in Australia, dealing with Wesfarmers subsidiaries
  • Geo Image Services – Surveying Group working on Tier 1 ($500mil+) civil projects
  • Web 105 – Large website development company, working with international clients (Case study provided)
  • OPMC NZ PTY LTD – International SAAS developer solutions for Woocommerce and Payment Express
  • Edwards Family Lawyers – Fastest growing legal firm in North Sydney (Case study provided)
  • Moore Truck Parts – Medium sized truck parts supplier
  • Healthy Bodies Physiotherapy – Single Location, 10+ therapists/staff clinic in South West Melbourne
  • Melbourne Counselling and psychology – Single Location, 10+ therapists/staff clinic in Melbourne
  • Smiles Dental – Large dental entity with multiple locations, high staff/clinician numbers (Case study provided)
  • From the Feet Up Podiatry Clinic – Single Location, <10 staff, outer Victoria
  • Burpengary Chiropractic Clinic – <10 staff, North Brisbane
  • Dermedica dermatology – <10 staff, Perth Central
  • Mount Lawley Chiropractic – <10 staff, Perth Central
  • Adorn Laser Clinic – Laser hair removal <10 staff, West Sydney
  • Hills Spinal Chiropractic – <10 staff, West Sydney
  • Avant Garde Hair Salon – <10 staff, South Sydney
  • Alpha Financial Solutions – Mortgage and financial solutions in the greater Brisbane area
  • Payreq Canada – SAAS for payroll, paystubs and Canada Post
  • Payreq Australia – BPAY view partner, integrating Australia’s schools with simple payment solutions
  • FTP Software Solutions – Custom Software development solutions for Australia’s largest organisations
  • Shore Contracting – Largest demolition group between South Sydney, Wollongong, and Campbelltown (50+ staff)
  • BMI – Plant Haulage Solutions for large earth moving
  • Paradigm Homes – Turn key property developers in QLD

Case Study 1:
Corporate Marketing Case Study

Size: $400 million
Date: March 2018

The data on the right is data that was extracted from Analytics as of April 1st 2018.

Date range: 1 month – Comparing March 2017 to March 2018
Unique Visitors: March 2017 – 16818, March 2018 – 27515, 63.60% increase
Bounce Rate: March 2017 – 55.76%, March 2018 – 44.43%, 20.33% decrease
Page Views: March 2017 – 2.70, March 2018 – 3.37, 24.63% increase


New Visitors

More Pages seen by clients per Month

More Visitors per Month

Consultation request form

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Case Study 2:
Digital Marketing Case Study

Industry: Manufacturing/Logistics
Size: +$10 million
Date: Q4 2017

Business: Therma Truck
Established in 1970, Therma Truck is recognised as one of the largest builders of refrigerated truck bodies in Australia, supporting companies including Streets Ice Cream, Coles and Steggles.

Initial Situation:

Sales declining by +5% year on year for 8 years, new client acquisition was down 85% compared to the previous decade. Therma Truck’s branding was from 1988 and the entity had no online presence. Engage Online was brought in to assist in turning around the business.The company’s goal was to establish itself online in a way that reflected its strong offline reputation from the decade prior. Relating to SEO, Therma Truck was ranking on page 1 for no key phrases, having very little website traffic.

Strategy Overview:
Therma Truck allocated full responsibility for its marketing to Engage Online, enabling EO to choose where and how to focus marketing efforts and budgets. After careful analysis of goals, audience types and industry data, the subsequent strategy that was developed was to create and maintain a rapid-result SEO campaign relevant to the industry, followed by a comprehensive rebranding project and finally, a new website in 2018.

2 Months:
• Organic website traffic increased by 47%
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 10 phrases up from 0
• Set up GMB and acquired first Google leads for entity
• Rebranding successfully completed.

3 Months:
• Organic website traffic increased by 71%
• Overseas traffic reduced to 12% of total traffic
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 21 phrases
• Ranking 1st for 6 phrases
• Ranking top 3 for 9 phrases
• Month on month views is increasing at a rate of 17-21%


Increase in organic web traffic

Keywords increased to rank 1

Case Study 3:
Online Marketing Case Study

Industry: Medical/Health
Size: +$3 million
Date: April 2018

Business: Smiles Dental Clinics (Dentist)
Smiles Dental Clinics (SDC) is a professional and comprehensive dental care company based in Brisbane, with a strong focus on quality healthcare and customer-friendly service that is uniform across all locations.

Initial Situation:
Smiles Dental Clinics (SDC) were leveraging multiple digital agencies for a broad range of marketing activities, none of whom were offering comprehensive SEO or communicating with SDC in regards to their results. The competing agencies dismissed SDC’s organic rankings and the benefits of SEO, thus leaving SDC ranking on page 1 for only 3 key phrases relating to dentistry.

With their organic online presence being greatly out-shadowed by that of key Brisbane based competitors, SDC was forced to pay larger and larger marketing costs to the 3 separate agencies in order to acquire the volume of new patients required to sustain multiple locations. Subsequently, no individual entity was taking responsibility for declining numbers and poor lead quality. Engage Online was brought it as a referral to assist in turning the company around.

Strategy Overview:
Our primary focus was to increase new patient numbers, with our secondary focus to bring relevant traffic to the website. We began by overhauling the website and creating a long-term dynamic SEO campaign. We aggressively increased the reach of the business through Google Maps/business listings, AHPRA-approved reviews and strategic positioning in Brisbane’s affluent regions. To maximise opportunities and create new leads immediately, we created and managed an internal Adwords campaign on behalf of the business, having the business pay Google directly to reduce unnecessary agency-related costs. The core of the strategy was (and remains) for Engage Online to take full responsibility for the majority of marketing efforts in order to drive a controlled result without burdening the operations and health care teams. We also conduct live quarterly meetings with key stakeholders, act autonomously without regulation and provide clear reports to the directors in the spirit of transparency.

1st Quarter:
• Adwords costs reduced by 39.7% per month
• Organic website traffic increased by 51%
• Irrelevant overseas traffic reduced to 9% of total traffic
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 11 phrases, up from 3
• New patient numbers up by 31%, phone calls up by 47%.


Fiscal patient volume capacity increase

Keywords ranking on page 1

  • Adwords Costs Reduction 88.1%
  • Unique Visitors Increase 81.29%
  • Increase in new patients 57%
  • Increase in relevant enquiries 84%


Results after 1 Year:
• Adwords costs reduced by 43.7% per month
• Adwords traffic increased by 111.48% per month
• Organic website traffic increased by 82.09%
• Unique visitors up to 15,848 from 8787
• Ranking on page 1 of Google for 49 phrases, up from 3
• New patient numbers up by 57%, phone calls up by 84%.

Case Study 4:
SEO marketing Case Study

Industry: Specialist/Law
Date: 2017-2018

Business: Edwards Family Lawyers (Family Lawyer Sydney) is a specialist Family Law Firm centrally located in North Sydney. In 2017, Edwards Family Lawyers was recommended in the Doyle’s Guide as one of the Leading Family and Divorce Law Firms in Sydney.

Strategy Overview:
Within 3 hours of scoping and accepting the project, the Engage Online team created a dynamic Adwords campaign to create instant lead generation during the problematic early stages of SEO deployment. The goal for the Adwords campaign was to control costs, increase leads and discover the behaviours of the local/industry market. The campaign acted as a temporary buffer for 2 months while the more cost-effective and powerful SEO campaign gained traction with Google. To assist in creating tangible results and to further drive the potential of the SEO campaign, the team simultaneously increased the reach of the business on Google Maps listings and other business listing platforms. The emergency marketing campaign was transitioned to a sustainable long-term SEO campaign after 2 months.


1st Quarter:
• Adwords lead generation operated as a profitable buffer
• Organic website traffic returned to normal as prior to the website redevelopment and increased by a further 18%
• Ranking on page 1 of Google increased to 14 phrases, up from 1
• Daily business listing views up to 63 from 13
• According to Google Data, if the organic traffic was to be paid traffic through Adwords, the cost would be $4700 per month (up from $330)


1 Year:
The client has opted not to share private data.

• According to public Google Data, if the organic traffic was to be paid traffic through Adwords, the cost would be $36,111 USD per month (up from $330)

Contact Information:

Office Locations:

Sydney Office

Suite 1294, Level 13/50 Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Sydney Office

Level 13 / 50 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Melbourne Office

Level 5/ 11 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Melbourne Office

Level 5/ 11 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Penrith Office

Level 1, 331 High Street Penrith NSW 2750

Penrith Office

Level 1, 331 High Street Penrith NSW 2750

Brisbane Office

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Brisbane Office

Level 23 / 127 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000

Our Marketing Specialists

Moe Sayed

Moe Sayed

Customer Service Manager

I ensure our clients’ goals are met, meaning, I travel often and regularly partake in café food (at the detriment to my waistline!).

Matt Gall

Matt Gall

Marketing Strategist

We lure in prospecting eyeballs, clicks and phone calls for your entity.
With your army and our strategy, we’ll crush your competitors.

Erik Sherwin

Erik Sherwin

Operations Manager

I am the happiness hero for our clients and staff. My team and I execute on our strategies and dynamically help clients.

Adrienne Larietti

Adrienne Larietti

Content Manager

My team creates content that turns viewers into callers. With our content, your business can be an authority in your area.

About Engage Online

We are a growth-focused online marketing company hailing from Sydney Australia. Engage Online successfully works with over 50 businesses all across our great country, with a few businesses in NZ.

Engage Online is a growing, worldwide organisation committed to delivering long-term services that provide tangible results to businesses. Using a decade of marketing consulting and corporate management experience, we have built Engage Online with the aim to create a transparent, results-focused online marketing company.

As a growing business ourselves, our core mission is to continuously provide digital marketing and SEO services to customers at a level that provides outstanding returns. Our 5-year vision is to be working with 200 entities in Australia.

“A Transparent service with real-world results” 

– Melissa Irwin, Marketing Manager, The Wine Co.

Our marketing services focus on specific outcomes:

  • Phone calls/walk ins/bookings/sales
  • Relevant Australian website traffic or conversions
  • Reach an audience that actually matters to you.

“Results and communication are what bind us”

– Dr Amol Dabholkar, Director, Smiles Dental.

We work with trust in mind, meaning:

  • No contracts
  • No hidden charges
  • Simple, clear pricing structures.