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Understanding how SEO affects your business rankings is important, but, the first step in gaining this understanding is leveraging online services so you can discover your relevance. This page will show you three free tools to show you how you rank against your competition.

Google Tools (Basic)

Google gives you an insight into how they see your page. PageSpeed Insights analyses the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Google is all about user experience, if you are slow, fix it!

GT-Metrics (Intermediate)

GTmetrix has a suite of features and options to make optimising your website clear and easy. It’ll neatly summarise a sites performance and give guidance in boosting its speed (in turn, ranking).

SpyFu (Advanced)

SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors. This SEO tools will show you how you compare to other local and national Businesses to help you make a plan to get ahead.

With all businesses being unique and competition varying from niche to niche, we understand that your requirements will need special consideration.

That’s why all of our solutions are custom priced, custom built and custom planned for your business.

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Google PageSpeed (Basic)

Running speed tests with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights are always a good way to help gauge your website’s performance. While these metrics can be very helpful it is also important to keep this data in perspective. While it can provide valuable information to help optimise your website, don’t forget about perceived performance, specifically the user’s experience.

The whole reason Google developed PageSpeed Insights was as a guideline on best web performance practices to provide recommendations to optimize your site. And by following the guidelines hopefully you will achieve a faster website.

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GT Metrix (Intermediate)

The load speed for your website is one of the most important metrics for the success of your website. Unfortunately, it’s also often one of the most neglected factors in proper web development. As the detail and underlying complexity continues to evolve for most websites and web applications, site speed is sometimes left as an unfortunate afterthought.

Once you have entered and analysed your website details you can assess how your performance is versus the industry averages. We recommend aiming for the industry average ratings. Pagespeed score: 71%, Yslow score: 68%, Loadtime: 8.5 sec, Size: 2.4meg. Keep in mind SEO Australia requires different testing methods, so login and set your zone to Sydney.


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Spyfu (Advanced)

SpyFu is an SEO tool that lives up to its name, as it “spies” on your competitors’ strategies and SEO history to give you an edge with keywords, rankings and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. SpyFu especially stands out for its PPC research, in that it researches new opportunities for campaigns based on data it collects.

This application can spy on your competitors for SEO research purposes as well. It investigates your competitions’ keyword campaigns, which can give you an advantage in your own SEO strategy.

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